How It Works

  1. Every end user of the Private Internet installs a very small piece of software, distributed as a Web download or bundled with a disc.
  2. This software “pings” an update server looking for new content.
  3. The server can recognize who the user is, determine what content this user is entitled to view and then will fetch that content from whatever servers on which it may reside.
  4. This new content – or functionality – is then published in the background to a template on the computer desktop or wireless device.
  5. The user is alerted that new content has arrived and, clicking on the alert, opens a proprietary display window. You now have published in effect a private Web site for a specific end user.
  6. That end user will experience exactly what you want them to, and only what you want them to. Or only what they’ve paid for. Or only what they’re old enough to see. Or only what people in their region are interested in. Or however you want to slice it. You can make the experience anything you like – it’s your Private Internet.
  7. The entire experience is trackable and reportable, giving you the world’s best-monitored focus group. Plus, Arcavista incorporates MediaChoice “Affinity Analysis” software (as used by AC Nielsen) to chart user affinities to a large number of consumer brands and experiences.